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My Story 

Hannah Noland, RDN

As a dietitian, I believe in the value of nourishing both the body and soul. Through my work I’ll help you cultivate a healthier relationship with food and your body. This means I won't recommend diets, dieting or food restriction. I work from a weight neutral, Health at Every Size perspective.

I became interested in nutrition and wellness during my time in college at the Ohio State University. After graduating, I moved to Charlottesville, VA and completed my dietetic internship at the University of Virginia Health System. When I'm not meeting with clients, you can usually find me playing with other people's dogs, trying really hard to be on time, savoring delicious food, and learning to better follow Jesus.

My goal is to serve others by sharing my passion for food, wellness and joyful living. I always hope to provide a positive voice and evidence-based information in a world where negativity and less than reliable information thrive.

My Values



Health is multifaceted and complex but eating doesn’t have to be. We are all created with the ability to feed ourselves exactly what our bodies need. Sometimes we just need a little help getting back to those roots.



Nutrition is never one size fits all. I believe in a personalized, individual approach for each person. Rigid, rules based diets are a thing of the past.



Letting go of external health and food rules can be tough work but on the other side of that is freedom. We all deserve to experience the fullness of life, without worrying and stressing out about every meal choice.

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