New Year and a 2017 Recap


It's 2018 and the All In Good Health newsletter is officially live! Make sure you subscribe and you'll receive my Beginner's Guide to Discovering Real Health. This mini E-book lays out some of the reasons why we need to take our focus off of weight (especially during "resolution season"). I hope it helps you start to shift your perspective toward health, and understand some of the rationale behind Health at Every Size.  Today I'm sharing some reflections on the past year, as well as a few things that have been on my heart as we start this new year. 

2017 was a good year. I started my first "real job," got to do some traveling, and spent a lot of time with good friends. In contrast to the past few years, 2017 was mostly about settling in and finding some stability. While there weren't any major life events like graduating college or becoming a dietitian, my year was full. I think it would be easy to get caught up in the notion that last year was mundane. But that way of thinking would discount some experiences that I'm really grateful for. I had time for slow mornings, taking hikes on the trails around Charlottesville and growing and learning as an RD. I think it's important to appreciate the years and time that we have when things are slower, easier and not quite as fast paced. Some seasons of life will be more stressful with more responsibilities. I don't want to fast forward through this time but focus on being grateful for this more restful season . 

As I look ahead to 2018, I don't have any big goals or resolutions. I do know that I want to continue to grow and learn as a dietitian. I also hope to  continue to use this space to spread a positive message about health. The internet can be challenging and scary sometimes but I want to be more open about things I struggle with as well as the good things going on in my life. Hopefully the messages resonate with you. 

Thanks for following along with me so far! Cheers to the new year!