2018 Review and Looking Ahead to 2019


Hi Friends! It's been a while since we've caught up on the blog! I hope you've been doing well!

Life has been pretty busy for me over the past 6 months, so the blog has been extra quiet. I wanted to share a quick review of 2018 and some of the goals and plans I have for next year.

After getting engaged in May, I spent the following months totally immersed in wedding plans! During that time (my now husband!!) Dan and I also visited friends & family, had bridal showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties, and wrapped up working at our jobs. On December 2nd, Dan and I got married and it was the BEST day. It could not have been more perfect and we are so, so grateful to have such amazing families and friends who were there to celebrate with us. More on our wedding in a future post!


We also made some plans for our next phase of life! We decided that the best decision for us was to leave our jobs in Charlottesville, and do some traveling and volunteering abroad for a few months. We're still sorting out some of the details but looking forward to some new adventures!

So what does that mean for All In Good Health? I will be taking a small number of new clients again soon! I plan to work virtually while we're abroad. I also have some plans for new content and courses in 2019.

You can also expect to see more frequent blog posts in the New Year, but since we'll be traveling, I'm not committing to a set schedule. I'd much rather post quality content when it feels right, rather than half-hearted words. Some future blog posts you can expect are; my experience with diet culture and wedding planning, working in bariatric surgery as a HAES dietitian, faith and intuitive eating, and more!

I'm so looking forward to 2019 and hoping you'll join me for the journey!

Photos by Joel Baxter