4th of July Cashew Cookie No Bake Bars

Happy 4th of July!! I've always loved this holiday. In my hometown in Ohio, the fourth is always such a big deal and a whole community event with fireworks and backyard parties. I'm going to miss being there this year but looking forward to checking out the local fireworks tonight and making some new traditions.

I decided it would be fun to come up with a festive dessert recipe to help celebrate. Per usual, I was in the mood for something simple quick and I came up with these no bake bars!

I have a secret though..

They are actually just a spin off of my simple protein bars. But way more fun because these bars have FROSTING!

This frosting is so so good. I want to find other things to spread it on. It's rich and coconutty, making it the perfect summer topping. I've always been a huge fan of frosting. When I was little, you could frequently find me spreading canned vanilla frosting on graham crackers as a snack or dessert. These bars are basically just the "grown up" version of that combo. 

The best part about these bars is that they don't have to just be for the fourth of July. They can be for any occasion! All you have to do is change the sprinkles and you've got a new theme! Easy peasy. Enjoy!

[kindred-recipe id="5749" title="Cashew Cookie No Bake Bars"]