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Today I'm sharing some of the things I've loved eating lately! As a non-diet RD, it's a fine balance to strike when sharing food pictures. I like to take pretty pictures of my food, but I also want to share real meals that I'm eating. I would never want to give the impression that I eat perfectly healthy, beautiful meals day in and day out. Because in case you haven't heard...

Perfect eating isn't real

Some days I do get a lot of variety and spend time cooking full, beautiful meals. Other days I eat cheese and crackers for dinner. Those meals don't always make it to social media. But I want to be able to represent what realistic eating looks like. Intuitive eating is about learning to become a "normal" eater, whatever that may look like for you. For me, it was about learning that I didn't need to have those picture perfect smoothie bowls or totally well-rounded meals every single day to still be healthy. I had to learn that it was okay to lean on convenience foods if I needed that. I had to be okay with the ebbs and flows throughout the week and how that affected my meal choices.

If you want to learn more about how to become an intuitive eater, send me a message! In March I'll be taking clients who want to focus on learning how to start intuitive eating. More details to come soon!


A few friends and I traveled down to North Carolina this past weekend to visit another friend. We had an awesome time and ate SO much good food. I didn't take any pictures of my meals except for the breakfast we had on Saturday morning. I hadn't had french toast in forever. I forgot how much I love french toast. I added some peanut butter, syrup and berries on top and savored every single bite. 

French toast with peanut butter, syrup and berries

I've also been loving making pancakes on the weekends. Sometimes when I have extra time in the morning during the week I'll whip some up (but I'm chronically running late and don't usually have time). I've been using Kodiak Cake mix to make them recently. I've found that the extra protein keeps me fuller longer than "regular" pancakes. 

Kodiak Cakes with blueberries and syrup

I also love simple peanut butter toast with banana slices and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I shared on Instagram last week that sometimes this doubles as a dinner option for me on Fridays. 

Peanut butter toast with banana slices and cinnamon


Lunch is really my least favorite meal of the day. It always feels like a chore to put together. Typically, I'll try to make extra portions for dinner so that I can eat leftovers for lunch the next day. Other days I'll make something simple like a salad but it varies a lot. 

This Trader Joe's Arugula pizza is one of my favorite frozen, quick lunch or dinner options! I love TJ's for convenience foods. I could browse the frozen section forever!

Arugula tomato pizza from Trader Joe's

These Sweet Potato Skins from Pinch of Yum. I make these at least twice a month. So flavorful and easy to put together. They also taste great when reheated for lunch the next day. 

Sweet Potato Skins

I'm an RD ambassador for Banza (pasta made from chickpeas) so they'll send me some samples and a new recipe every once in a while. The most recent recipe, this Kale Pesto Spaghetti was SO GOOD. I never make my own sauces or pesto but this one was so worth the extra effort. Comment if you're interested in getting the recipe!

Kale Pesto Banza pasta with parmesan

I also love going to Whole Foods and picking up dinner at the hot bar. Unfortunately it's not financially feasible to do every day but it's a fun treat every once in a while. Anyone else obsessed with the WF mac and cheese?! My favorite. 

Whole Foods hot bar mixutre

Quesadillas! One of my go to week night dinners. I usually just throw black beans, cheese and spinach between two tortillas and heat it up on the stove. The quesadilla pictured below was from a local brewery and a little fancier than the ones I make at home but it gave me some ideas for fun things to add in like corn and peppers. 




What meals are you guys loving lately?? Let me know!


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