Faith in What? + The Best Carrot Cake Ever


Hi friends! I hope you're having a good week so far! Today I wanted to share a few thoughts that have been on my heart lately and with Easter coming up this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to lay it all out there. I'm also sharing a festive and fun Easter recipe with you guys today. Stay tuned for that at the end of the post!

I've been feeling unsettled lately as I scroll through social media. I follow lots of other health care professionals and entrepreneurs and everyone is super passionate about their thing. Whatever it may be-family, fitness, essential oils, you name it. It's front and center. I'm guilty of it too. And while I 100% know that social media only shows a tiny snapshot of a person's life, I can't help but wonder, is this the most important thing in this person's life? Is this where they've bet it all? Have they put all their eggs in this basket?

We all put our faith (or hope) in something. Whether it's the next diet promising weight loss, achieving fitness goals, acquiring more material "stuff" or even really good things like raising a family, fighting for social justice, or making strides in our career. But think about it...

Those are all things that we can lose

Some of us throw all our hope into focusing on fitness goals, (even in positive ways). But we could walk outside today and get hit by a car, leaving us paralyzed. Then what?

We could lose both our material possessions and our family in a devastating house fire, or a divorce. Then what?

Maybe we make a mistake in our career, causing irreversible damage to our name and we're not able to find work in our field any more. Then what?

What are we left with when everything else in our life is taken away? If we are putting our faith in earthly things (family, career, health), there will be nothing left. We can't take any of it with us when we die (Psalm 49:7) and our time on this earth is short (James 4:14). So putting our faith in those things is never going to be enough.


Guys, I love this work and I know it's good and important, but it is not the main focus of my life. I love my family and friends, but they are not the cornerstone of my life either. I have something even better that I'll never lose (Luke 10:42).

And you can have it too

It's a personal relationship with the God who created you and me and every single person on this Earth. You can put your faith and trust in Him and it will never be taken away, even after you die (2 Corinthians 5: 6-8). Maybe you already believe there is a God, but that's not the same as knowing him personally and putting Him before everything else in your life. And the way you get to know Him personally is through knowing and trusting in Jesus (Romans 10: 9-10).  I don't know where you are in your life but I do know that if you were to put your faith in Him, the God who knows and loves you-who wants only to be with you -it would change everything for the better. That's not to say everything will always be easy, it won't, but the perspective shift you'll gain is everything.

Don't get me wrong, valuing and taking pride in the work that we do day in and day out is great. I wholeheartedly believe in intuitive eating, Health at Every Size, and social justice work. I can even see how those principles closely mirror the messages in the Bible; the ones that tell us how to treat ourselves and others. But I know that this work can be gone in an instant, so I'd rather put my all my eggs in the one basket that never changes. Everything else just comes second.


If you've never thought about it before, get curious, start asking some questions and see what you find. Feel free to reach out and ask me questions. And although I'm certainly not an expert, and definitely not perfect, I can tell you about my experiences and the Truth that I know, because I'd love for you to know it too.

Beginning this June I will be taking clients for faith based nutrition counseling! No matter where you are in your journey with faith or health, I'd love to work together and work through how these areas of our lives interact. Learn more on the services page!


As promised I'm also sharing the recipe for the Best Carrot Cake Ever! If you still need a dessert for your Easter celebrations, this one is it! You might remember Mommom's sticky bun recipe from Christmas and this carrot cake was another one of her specialties. I love receiving family recipes from other people because they feel so personal and I know how much love has gone into them over the years. So I thought it would be fun to share one of ours for the holiday! Enjoy!

The Best Carrot Cake Ever

[kindred-recipe id="6742" title="The Best Carrot Cake Ever"]