Fill Up With Positivity


As much as we'd all like our lives to be easy and stress free all of the time, it's rarely that simple. We have to deal with stress and and crappy situations. Sometimes those struggles revolve around accepting our bodies or a negative relationship with food. It's difficult to make it through our diet/image obsessed culture unscathed so walking through the process of healing can be messy. There will be good days but also bad days. When those bad days happen and negativity rears its ugly head, it can be easy to give up. 

But there's another option. Pushing through the negativity to get to the other side. When you decide not to give in to the negativity, you grow.

Struggling with uncomfortable feelings can leave you drained and exhausted. When you feel this way it's hard to give your best to the things you're passionate about. So what's the best thing to do? Fill yourself back up! I think filling yourself with positive messages, images, stories, books, etc can make a world of a difference. You can even surround yourself with like minded people, on the same road to body acceptance and a non-diet life. 

Sounds like a nice idea right? But where do you find such things?

I've talked about the books that lay the groundwork for rejecting diet culture and going a different way. If you're interested in those check out this blog post.

If you're looking for more of a "daily dose" of positive info and messages, check out some of the words I like, below:

I would also suggest putting together a Pinterest board (or notes or word document if that's more your style) of go-to images, info or words, and cleaning up your social media accounts from those who are promoting dieting, misinformation and "extreme health" habits. There are more and more online and Facebook groups forming out there promoting the intuitive eating and health at every size lifestyles. Join one!

It doesn't have to just be nice words that fill you with positivity. It could be lighting a candle and enjoying some quiet time, laughing out loud to a funny show (I cannot over recommend The Office or Parks and Rec!!) or baking something delicious.

There will always be some bad days and negativity. But it will pass. Spend time find things that bring you joy, fill you up and renew your heart. It will be SO worthwhile!

Let me know if you have other ideas or suggestions that fill you with positivity!