Go-To Fall Vegetable, Lentil Soup


Hi friends! Today I'm sharing a new recipe. After a super fun weekend celebrating a friend's wedding here in town, I needed quick, easy meals for the week. I did exactly zero grocery shopping and meal planning this weekend so, hello giant pot of soup!! This truly is my go-to soup for fall and winter. It's so easy and works for lunch and dinners throughout the week. I've been making variations of this recipe since I was in college! Sometimes I add other vegetables (like sweet potatoes, green beans, corn etc) but the recipe below is pretty much my standard starting point. A good use for this recipe is to help you clean out your fridge before you go on a trip. Veggies that are starting to go? Chop 'em up and throw 'em in the pot!! It's seriously versatile. 

Lentil Vegetable Soup

If you haven't noticed, I really like simple and quick recipes. I'm both a messy and a slow cook (working on it). So I prefer to have less going on in the meal making process. But even though this is an easy recipe, it's really flavorful and you totally have the ability to make changes to suit your needs (aka what's available in your fridge right now) and taste preferences. 

I also like to think of this recipe as a confidence builder. When I first began cooking for myself, I started with a lot of standard, basic recipes. I used those to gain confidence in my abilities and then branched out to make changes and adaptations. I still love an easy recipe (because we're all busy, right?) but having the skills/ability to do more and try more is awesome!

It works on many levels!

Cool weather+hot soup+easy recipe+meals for the week=A winning combination!


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