Mini Caprese Pizzas


Today's recipe for my Mini Caprese Pizzas is so simple, I don't even know if I can call it a recipe. It's so yummy though, it needed to be shared! I usually tend to shy away from recipes that take more than 30 minutes to make. Sometimes I enjoy spending a long time cooking because it can be therapeutic but on a more hectic day, I'm looking for simplicity. That's why this meal is perfect, because it's nothing if not simple! If you are looking for a fun, summery meal you can serve to friends (and impress them with your quickness and tasty flavor combos) this recipe is for you!

I love caprsese salads. Whoever came up with the basil+tomato+mozzarella combo is a genius because all of the flavors all blend perfectly together! Then, when you put it all on top of a pizza crust, it's like a flavor explosion!

In the name of convenience I used Naan bread for the crust. These little flat breads are perfect for home made pizzas because they crisp up nicely in the oven and only take a few minutes. Plus the bread doesn't get too soggy and is the perfect size for one.

I also used store bought pesto and balsamic glaze but you could totally make your own if you have time. For excellent fresh pesto I would recommend trying this recipe.

We're heading to the beach tomorrow so I wanted to make something quick for dinner last night. I needed a dinner that would fill me up and fuel me through packing, laundry and organizing. This little pizza was the perfect option!

This recipe makes two pizzas but you could easily adjust it to be able to serve more people, just buy a few more Naan flatbreads and make sure you have plenty of pesto and cheese to serve everyone.  

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