The Perfect Zesty Guacamole


I think people have lost their minds over avocados a little bit. It seems like they've exploded in popularity over the last few years. Everything from Subway commercials to the avocado toast craze, to Chipotle's famous extra $1 charge for guacamole are evidence of the little fruit's recent popularity. 

But that's pretty cool because people used to be soo afraid of avocados and their "high fat content." The shift in our culture's focus to accepting and loving fats has been a slow but good one. Today you can find tons of recipes featuring nut butters, eggs, coconut oil and yogurt all over the internet. Even a few years ago foods were only "healthy" if they came with a low fat or fat free label. But I think that people are starting to realize that fat isn't so scary. 

We actually NEED fat in our diets. Foods higher in fat content are more satiating and help keep us fuller longer. Our bodies use fat to help our cells, nerves and muscles function properly and fat also aids in absorbing the fat-souluble vitamins. So overall, fat=good! 

Today I wanted to share a fun recipe just in time for Cinco de Mayo. The perfect zesty guacamole! This guac is so flavorful and goes great with tacos, tortilla chips and a few margaritas! 

Part of getting the perfect guacamole is choosing the right avocados. Your guac will come out the best if you use just ripe avocados that are soft to the touch but not mushy. These tend to have the best flavor and consistency. 

Another tip for this guac is to make sure to chop your onions well (unless you like eating big chunks of raw onion). Sometimes I get lazy with my chopping and I find myself avoiding all the onions in the batch when I didn't cut them into small enough pieces. It may help to use a food processor to get the right size. 

The secret ingredient here is the chili powder! It adds just the right amount of spice and flavor. You can always leave it out but I think it really takes the guacamole to the next level! 

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