New Updates


Hi friends! I'm excited to be back with a new blog post!  I can't believe it's already September! Where did summer go? Honestly, I'm not mad about it. Bring on all the soup, football, and cool mornings.

You may have noticed that things have been pretty quiet around here over the past month. I spent most of my time making lots of changes to the website. Check out the updated Services, About and Home pages. There's even a new web address!! (By the can still access the site from the old address, it will automatically redirect you here.)

I wanted the website to be more accessible, user friendly and abundantly clear what All In Good Health is about and how I practice as an RD. Plus, I wanted to reflect as much of my passions and personality as possible on the website. Along with site updates, I've also been working hard on future blog posts, new recipes and a regular newsletter coming out in October! If you'd like to get on the list, sign up at the bottom of the page. Lots and lots of good changes! 

I also did some traveling, celebrated a Birthday and worked on a ton of DIY projects around my apartment over the past month. August was busy but it feels great to finally wrap up all the projects.

Also, shout out to my talented little brother, who took some great new pics as part of the updates!

Hope you like the new look and feel! See you back here on Thursday with a fun new recipe :)