Weekend Eats


When dietitian friends come to visit, you can bet there's no shortage of good eats!  On Friday afternoon our friend flew in to visit for the weekend so our little group decided to do a taco bar for dinner! 

Then, on Saturday morning we got together and made a huge breakfast. We thought we might have overdone it with all the pancakes, eggs, fruit, hash browns and bacon we made...and then we ended up finishing every last bite. So delicious!

After breakfast we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and visit some of the wineries around Charlottesville. 

If you've never been to the area and like wine I would highly recommend visiting! Tastings are usually only around $10 and most places let you keep your glass. Certain wineries are fancier than others but most have a pretty laid back feel and would be great to come spend an afternoon at.  

We started at Afton Mountain Vineyards and made our way through Veritas and then to Cardinal Point. I think we all really liked Cardinal Point the most. It was by far the least crowded, had live music, was super dog friendly and relaxed.

By closing time at 5:00, we were all pretty sweaty and hungry so we went out for burgers at a local restaurant. The burgers were filling but definitely not my favorite in town. We chose this restaurant because our friend is gluten free and they handle food allergies and sensitivities really well. If you're interested you can follow her on instagram for lots of gluten free meals and restaurants in the Detroit area!  

After being in the sun all afternoon we decided to call it a night and reconvene Sunday afternoon.

The weather was still cooperating on Sunday so after church we decided to go to Carter Mountain. We tried some local peaches and sat outside in the sun taking in the views for a while before she had to catch her flight home. 

Such a fun weekend spending time outside with my people! Be on the look out for a new recipe coming out later this week and enjoy the rest of your Monday! :)