Weekend Recap and Intuitive Eating


This past weekend was perfect, beautiful weather, lots of great food, friends, and outdoor activities. Couldn't have asked for more on Easter weekend. Dan and I went to a wine festival with some friends on Saturday, which was tons of fun! By purchasing your ticket, you could taste two different wines from each vineyard attending. With over 30 wineries offering tastings..that ends up being a lot of wine. But it was really cool since so many vineyards are in the area, we were able to try the wine and see which ones we wanted to visit in person later this spring.

Later we ate some burgers and stopped by another festival that was going on downtown, where we checked out some of the vendors and listened to a few local bands before heading back for the night. 

Sunday morning I woke up early to get things ready for our Easter lunch, before heading to church. It was weird not going home for Easter this year but I'm so thankful to have great friends to celebrate with while we're all away from family. 

We had some seriously delicious food including Italian stuffed pizza, cheesy potatoes, salad, green beans, sangria and a few desserts. So much YUM.

After last weekend, I woke up on Monday feeling pretty lethargic and "meh" physically. I figured it was from over indulging a bit on drinks, sweets and greasy foods over the weekend. And I totally don't regret it. But I started to think about what that might mean for others who are trying to learn to eat more intuitively and enjoy holidays and events with friends and family. 

I don't wish I hadn't eaten any of the things that I did this past weekend. I was able to spend time with good friends and enjoy time outside. I'm no less healthy because I drank wine, ate burgers, had doughnuts, desserts and candy and felt kind of crappy on Monday. It was more important for me to feel good socially and emotionally by eating what sounded best at the time. That doesn't mean every day I eat super greasy foods and refined sugars, because I also crave vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

Intuitive eating is about learning how to listen to your body's natural hunger and fullness cues, learning to let go of food as an emotional crutch, and allowing yourself the freedom to eat any food at any time. When we allow ourselves the notion that no foods are "off limits," we don't automatically only crave all the sugary, fatty foods; our bodies crave the nourishing foods too. And sometimes we over do it and miss our cues. Which is totally okay too. Intuitive eating is not a way to learn how to eat "perfectly." There is no perfect way to eat. It involves a lot of grace towards ourselves and we just keep working on it each day. 

If you're interested in learning more about intuitive eating check out this book!